2021 Idea Inspiration Calendar

We hate to break it to you, but not everyone is a content marketing, idea-generating machine.

Some people are just better at other things, like pouring beers, whipping up coffees and crafting the best smashed avos in Melbourne (and we don’t know what we’d do without you!).

But some people (like us) dig content creation. We’re a never-ending stream of new content marketing ideas that’ll populate your social media feeds with engaging content that converts.

And we thought, you know what? There’s no point keeping all of these ideas to ourselves, so we’ve pulled together a 2021 Idea Inspiration Calendar just for you.

This handy little guide will be your content bible in the new year, with over 300 ideas for marketing campaigns and social media content that’ll take the existential dread out of your content marketing efforts.

From World Pizza Day to National Tequila Day, we’ve highlighted the most fun, interesting and creative dates, so you can create memorable content for your business ALL YEAR. We’ve also included all the important events you need to remember, from Valentine’s Day to Click Frenzy so you’ll never miss a marketing opportunity.

But you might look at the calendar and think:

World Pizza Day? That sounds great! But how can my business use this to make content?

We’re glad you asked, because we’re going to take you through the step by step process of turning a calendar prompt into content that’ll convert.

Step 1: Pick a day

Pick a day, any day! One that is relevant to your business. The calendar is jam-packed with ideas for our friends in small businesses including hospitality, so we’ll use a personal favourite as an example.

Let’s just say it’s coming up to February 9th. We open the calendar and see that Tuesday the 9th of Feb is World Pizza Day.

Let’s imagine we own a local pizza shop called Mark’s Pizzeria (we don’t, but for the sake of a good example let’s pretend that we do, and that it has the best wood-fired pizza going around!).

Step 2: Create a Campaign

An easy way to work with our calendar is to create marketing campaigns and content based on the relevant days. Of course, this won’t be a daily thing, but if you’re Mark’s Pizzeria and World Pizza Day is right up your alley then it’s a great place to start.

So, we’re back at Marks’ Pizzeria, what could we do for World Pizza Day? We were thinking of offering free delivery in the upcoming weeks anyway and Tuesday is a slower sales day, so we figured it’d be perfect to combine this with World Pizza Day for a unique offering.

We could post this offer to our social media channels with a caption like:

It’s World Pizza Day! To celebrate, we’re offering free delivery all day, perfect for a lazy lunch in the office or a cosy movie night in with the fam. Order online or call us to place your order. #WorldPizzaDay

Easy, right?

Now we wouldn’t just leave it up to organic social media either. At Mark’s Pizzeria we’d also invest in paid social advertising, update our website and store signage, and even send an email to our existing customers. World Pizza Day for the win!

Now you don’t always need to attach a special deal to make these ideas work for you and your business. Instead…

Step 3: Don’t make an offer, make connections

Instead of giving something away, you could create brand affinity, by leveraging World Pizza Day to encourage engagement with your audience and customers.

There are a few ways you could do this, from sharing branded memes to pizza-loving quotes to your funniest/most embarrassing/weirdest experience you’ve had with pizza.

Use it to showcase your brand’s personality by making World Pizza Day your own, creating content that works for your audience and will get them double tapping.

We’re back at Mark’s Pizzeria and didn’t want to make a special offer, instead we could use World Pizza Day to start a conversation with our audience, with a caption a little like this:

Did you know it’s World Pizza Day today? We didn’t either, ‘cause here at Mark’s Pizzeria, it’s Pizza Day every day!

Today, we’re cooking up all of our faves, from Pepperoni to Hawaiian (yes, pineapple DOES go on pizza) to our one of a kind parma pizza.

What’s your favourite topping?

It’s that simple.

Our Idea Inspiration Calendar is here to help put content on your feeds, inspire your marketing campaigns and spark a bit of inspiration across your marketing efforts with over 300 content marketing ideas to choose from.

And the best part?


What are you waiting for? Jump over to this link here to download yours today!

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