The #FOODPORN Phenomemon: 2019 Edition

Back in 2017, we wrote a blog about the #foodporn phenomena sweeping Australia. Almost three years on and it looks like it’s here to stay!

Social media is still one of Australia’s favourite habit with 88% of Australians now using at least one social media platform (according to the latest Yellow Social Media report), up from 77% in 2017.

Instagram now has more than 9 million Australian users, up by almost 80% from five million users in 2017. However, the social landscape has changed dramatically recently, with Instagram hiding likes, which in turn has seen post engagement and reach decline.

What does that mean for your business? Should you forget about social media? Absolutely not! Remember, 44% of consumers still follow brands on social media, this increases to 52% for females and 65% for people aged 18 – 29.

Furthermore, over 50% of social media users say they value brand interactions on social networks and are more likely to trust a business that offers engaging and relevant content on a regular basis.


If you have a café, hospitality or restaurant business, the #foodporn phenomenon is still going strong; the hashtag alone has over 212 million posts and over 30 million followers globally.

Four in ten Aussies have posted a photo of their food on social media, and if they’re aged between 18 – 29 this jumps to eight in ten. Every time a customer shares a photo of your food, or tags your business, they are spreading the word to their friends and followers generating free publicity for your business.

With our great love of social media and our café culture, it’s no surprise that the world’s most “instagrammable” café is, you guessed it, Australian. Out of 50 cafes across the globe, from Istanbul to Milan, travel magazine Big Seven Travel named Speedo’s Café in Bondi the world’s most “instagrammable”.

Make sure you are maximising this important social marketing channel with these six easy steps.

  • Have an Instagram page for your business

  • Post regularly and using appropriate hashtags so new followers can find you

  • Ensure your photography is relevant and inspiring – this is a visual platform after all – consider using a professional photographer

  • Engage with your community, like their posts and respond to their comments, it is called social media after all.

  • Follow and connect with like-minded pages – business, bloggers, and customers

  • Reward your social followers with discounts, competitions, and giveaways to maximise organic reach.

BONUS TIP: Think about the customer experience? What can you do to make your offer more memorable? From edible flowers on plates to incredible crockery and glassware, or a spectacular interior fit out, what’s your #foodporn phenomenon?

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