5 Steps To Simplify Your Social Media In 2021

Social media can be time-consuming, from content ideation and creation to monitoring your platforms and engaging with your audiences.

But for most brands and businesses, finding the time (and ideas) to populate your feed is hard enough, let alone keeping up with everything else involved in a good social media strategy.

Sound familiar?

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a few ways to simplify your social media marketing in 2021, so you can show up on social media AND get back to what you do best, running your business (or finding the time for those Friday night drinks with a mate). #nojudgement

1. Plan your content

Posting consistently is the key to an effective social media strategy on any platform, but it’s even more important on the ‘gram. The Instagram algorithm needs you to keep showing up with engaging content or it’ll stop showing it to your followers, which means those late nights of planning and creating content will be for naught.

Instead of winging it this year, or letting weeks go by without a peep, try pre-planning your posts. This way, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to come up with an idea AND witty caption in the five (or less) minutes you’ve allocated to posting on the daily.

Not sure what to post? Ask your audience what they want to see, keep an eye on your insights and give them more of the content that works!

Or, if you’re feeling especially devoid of ideas, you can jump on over to our free 2021 Idea Inspiration Calendar, jam-packed with over 300 ideas for your social media content!

2. Batch your content

If you’re pre-planning your content, you may as well batch it, too. Content batching is where you whip up a couple of weeks’ worth of content at a time (we generally suggest batching two weeks at a time, especially in COVID-times because things can change fast).

Then, you can schedule them in your favourite app (we love Later, which is free for one account and lets you easily pre-plan your grid) and boom ? just like that, no more stressing over content for the next few weeks.

And, in case you’d heard the rumour, Instagram does not punish you for using a scheduler, so make your life ten times easier and sign up to one that works for you!

3. Source content smarter

Let’s set the scene.

You’re sitting down to batch your content. You have your social media scheduling tool open and ready to go. You remember seeing a brilliant post a few days (or weeks?) back that you think is perfect for sharing.

And now you waste 2+ hours scrolling through the ‘gram, trying to find it again.

To save yourself the time, hassle and stress of content-sourcing scrolls, hit the save bookmark or button when you see it. Now, when you’re trying to remember where you saw it, what it looked like and most importantly, what it said, you can easily find it in your saved posts section of your profile.

Another way to source content smarter is through Google Alerts. This is especially helpful for Facebook and LinkedIn, which have far better link sharing capacity (no #linkinbio nonsense, no siree).

All you need to do is set up Google Alerts for keywords relating to your business and industry, which helps you find shareable content from the vast depths of the interwebs. It’s especially beneficial for tracking global trends and competitors, which can help inform and inspire your content strategy.

4. Reuse, repurpose and repost

Reuse and repost popular content on your account from 6-12 months ago. We know it’s a short timeframe, but it’s absolutely worth it with the way the algorithm works.

Why? Because not everyone will have seen it the first time around and as your audience grows, it’s likely some haven’t seen it at all. Talk about driving up those engagement stats!

When it comes to creating your own content “from scratch” break up your larger content (blog posts, case studies, lengthy testimonials) into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Not only is this an effortless way of finding content for your feed, it’s also a great way to drive traffic to your website (hello retargeting).

Lastly, and this is a biggie for us: use similar content across multiple channels. With Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram being three of the key players, there are many more platforms that may be an integral part of your content strategy (we’re talking TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter etc). This means you need a lot of content to populate every one of those feeds, so using the same content across channels saves valuable time.

The catch? You must change the tone of voice to suit the platform, as well as changing anything else that becomes irrelevant when you shift platforms. For instance, if you’re posting content to Pinterest, tagging an Instagram user doesn’t make sense. This often happens with image credits, so either put “Image by @brindlemarketing on Instagram” or, better yet, find the user on the platform you’re posting to.

5. Keep an eye on your competitors

No, we’re not talking about hitting CTRL+C and CTRL+V on your competitor’s posts!

We’re talking about staying up to date with what content works industry-wide. Reviewing what content engaged your competitors’ social media audience is a great way to understand the digital landscape for your industry, using this information to guide (but not transform!) your strategy. You can do this using tools like RivalIQ and Ninjalytics, which make it incredibly easy to see the bigger picture.

Remember: your social media content still needs to reflect your brand and speak to your audience. Your competitor’s content can’t do that, so take the finger off CTRL+C and start whipping up some of your own!

There you have it! Populating your social media feeds doesn’t have to be quite the dreaded experience you believe it to be. With a bit of planning, batching, scheduling and clever content sourcing, you can carve hours off your content creation time and even (dare we say it) enjoy the process!

Still sound a LOT like hard work? Leave it to the experts instead. We LOVE telling brands stories and delivering business outcomes through social media content creation, and we’re here to help.

Want to know more? Drop us a line now.

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