Social Media Management.

Social Media.

Whether you’re a start-up ecommerce brand or an established industry professional, social media is a must

Whether you’re a start-up ecommerce brand or an established industry professional, social media is a must

It drives brand awareness, builds relationships, provides social currency and can be an incredibly cost-effective way to market your business.

At Brindle Marketing, we LOVE social media management and deliver organic, paid and influencer social media marketing for a wide range of businesses. From construction to breweries, we do social media marketing across all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Organic social media marketing

Organic social media is the crux of any social media marketing campaign. It’s where we create content for whichever platforms your brand operates on, engage with targeted pages and users to optimise organic growth and increase page visibility to customers, monitor the conversations on your social media platforms and report monthly on organic performance.

Need some help with your organic social media content planning? Check out our FREE 2021 Inspiration Calendar, jam-packed with over 300 ideas to inspire your social media content. 

Paid social media advertising

Paid advertising focuses on building online awareness, website traffic, customer acquisition, app downloads and driving ecommerce sales as required by the campaign strategy. When we manage your paid ads campaigns, we review and optimize your existing social media accounts, analyse your current social media advertising and set up and manage monthly advertising campaigns customised to your objectives.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective tactic for some brands, not all. We will evaluate your brand and whether influencer marketing is right for you and, if it is, we’ll build and enact an influencer outreach strategy on behalf of your brand, engaging them to promote your product in a way that works for everyone involved.

We help strategise the delivery of the marketing effort and facilitate all communication, so you can feel confident that you have the right influencers working effectively for your brand as part of your overall marketing strategy.

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